We’re passionate about creating unique entertainment experiences, imagining new worlds, constructing unbreakable edifices of code.


Believe it or not, there's magic in everything. Including our games!


We're a boutique studio offering premium creative and development services, nurturing a myriad of ideas worth exploring.


We provide a full range of software development services. Let’s see…
Ingenious Developers? Check. Stellar Artists? Check. Project Management Gurus, QA Masterminds? Check and check. Special ingredient? Not telling…


Whether we’re talking about game concepts, storyboard art or creative direction, we stand ready to help you unfold your creative vision.


Do you already have that incredibly ambitious idea documented and ready to build? Say no more, we’re about to take it to the next level.


We provide lightning-fast porting solutions for a large array of platforms and devices, in order to cover entire markets.


Our efficient test pipeline allows fast iteration cycles and stable deployment while meeting deadlines.


Every game is an opportunity for exquisite craft.
Cinderella Free Fall makes us proud, but please wait to see what we'll have in store for you in the near future.

Cinderella Free Fall

Inspired by Disney’s new live action film Cinderella, play as the most iconic princess of all time, connecting and matching luminous butterfly jewels in this FREE puzzle adventure with 100s of dazzling levels!

Download OUR WORK for free!


Professionalism, integrity and customer service are our core values.

Our team is formed of people who live to create great entertainment software. Amber’s staff hails from some of the greatest names in the games industry: Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Gameloft, Namco, and others – more than 500 years of combined experience in software development. We’ve delivered complex projects on all major mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows Store 8/8.1, Blackberry/QNX, Samsung & LG Smart TV platforms. We’ve employed development frameworks and utilities such as Unity3D, Cocos2D, Marmalade, FMOD. We have a deep understanding of cross-platform development, parallel launch strategies, game mechanics, freemium monetization systems, product analytics and live operations.

Our objective is to complement the product vision of our clients, seamlessly blending into the cultural fabric of the teams we collaborate with, learning from their varied experiences and achieving perfect synergy in pursuit of our clients’ business objectives.


Cristina Cristina


QA Lead
Teo Teo


QA Manager
Cristina (Kiki) Cristina (Kiki)

Cristina (Kiki)

QA Lead


Ana Ana


People Ops Manager
Monica Monica


People Ops Specialist
Lidia Lidia


Facilities Manager


Iulian Iulian


Development Director
Alina Alina


Project Manager
Sorin Sorin


Lead Developer


Raoul Raoul


Lead Designer
Cristian Cristian


2D Artist
Xenia Xenia


2D Artist
  • We aim to excel at providing world-class mobile services, infused with a design sensibility, pursuing uncompromising quality, on the bleeding edge of technology.


Every project is a unique opportunity to explore the many ways we can exceed our customers’ expectations, but this creative journey is guided by a strictly rational framework. While we recognize no process can be a substitute for deep experience combined with unrelenting commitment to the product, we are proficient at both waterfall and agile methodologies, deploying either depending on the nature of the project.



It is extremely important for us to meet our client’s expectations in terms of product vision, schedule and quality. Transparent and constant communication is enshrined as one of the company’s core values and we’ll customize the information flow to match the project needs.


Based on the project scope, we evaluate and analyze all the development variables: from risks and dependencies to goals and requirements, all assembled in a detailed execution plan.


The magic of crafting spectacular products lies in the various methodologies we’re using according to our secret Amber recipes. Our team of experienced professionals can handle anything, from retro-tech to next-gen, they’ve seen and done all.


After completing the previous steps in the development lifecycle, upon meeting all product requirements defined by our customers, we move to deliver the final package.


We don’t hire employees. We’re always looking for partners.

Amber is a lifestyle choice. It’s not work and it will never feel like work if you’re pursuing your life’s mission – to create, to define the future, to push the boundaries of what’s possible in every development discipline, while having unbridled fun doing it.

Project Manager (Creative Services)

  • The Project Manager is the cornerstone of any successful team inside the Creative Services department. He is the most knowledgeable person for a project’s features, status and deadlines to be met. He is not only a task manager and a deliverable person, but also a team leader and a mediator of the people associated to the project. Lastly, he is the medium through which Upper management can transmit objectives, missions and ideals to all department members.

Junior Developer

  • Amber is searching for talent! As a Junior Developer, you will have the opportunity to evolve alongside our talented team of engineers, in a very warm and dynamic environment. You’ll be exploring various mobile platforms and popular games of our top partners.

QA Project Coordinator (Nightshift)

  • The QA Project Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the successful and timely project implementation & support of one or multiple Quality Assurance projects.

Head of Product Management

  • Build and direct a team of business analysts that use product data and statistical methods to provide insight into business performance and suggest areas and methods of improving operations and revenue. You will own the strategy, roadmap, and execution of our product management team and objectives.

Server Engineer

  • If you are an ingenious Network Engineer who likes to be part of an environment where things move quickly and performance is of great importance, then Amber is the place to be!
    You will enjoy here a fresh and dynamic team where your ideas will be equally valued as your programming expertise.

QA Test Lead (Nightshift)

  • Are you a stubborn person who`s not afraid of searching for a needle in a stack of hay? Bugs are your first love? You are a Leader for your team? Are you an ardent learner who`s always looking to improve? Can you play nice with both human and devices? Then Amber is your place!

Test Specialist (Nightshift)

  • The QA Testing Specialist works with the test team to develop testing strategies and devise test plans in order to ensure that applications meet business requirements and maintain high quality standards.
    The QA Specialist provides hands on participation and oversight of testing activities tasks and resources needed to ensure the testing process meets software requirements prior to release into a live environment.

QA Project Manager

  • The Project Manager oversees the planning, implementation, and tracking of one or multiple projects from the early levels of engagement, to Live and beyond through clear and specified deliverables.


  • Are you a stubborn person who`s not afraid of searching for a needle in a stack of hay? Bugs are your first love? Are you an ardent learner who`s always looking to improve? Can you play nice with both human and devices? Then Amber is your place!


Amber Studio

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