Project Manager (Creative Services)

About the role:

The Project Manager is the cornerstone of any successful team inside the Creative Services department. He is the most knowledgeable person for a project’s features, status and deadlines to be met. He is not only a task manager and a deliverable person, but also a team leader and a mediator of the people associated to the project. Lastly, he is the medium through which Upper management can transmit objectives, missions and ideals to all department members.

Key Activities - Client Related

  • Define kick-off terms, establish risk flags and set a minimum of assumption points to create an understanding between Amber and the client.
  • Keep open the communication channels in regards of any updates that need to be presented to the client on agreed timeframes
  • Inform the client in a timely manner of any issues or blockers that can or may affect the delivery times or the project quality, as agreed initially.

Key Activities - Project Related

  • Draft and keep up to date on the Project deliverables timetable, which will include specific features to be developed together with delivery dates, as agreed with the client.
  • Create the Resource Plan for the Project, including Dev, Art and QA resources needed, as agreed with the Discipline managers.
  • Inform and keep the team up to date of the Project scope and objectives, as agreed with the client.
  • Assign specific tasks per discipline to each team member and always make sure that the priorities are correctly defined and known.
  • Be the mediator and decision point for interactions between disciplines (this includes drafting release notes from Dev to QA, provide feedback to Art from Client, build submissions from Dev to QA, etc)
  • Continuously track and monitor task completion to always have a clear image of the project status at any point.
  • Actively engage in bug work: monitoring the bug base, assigning them to dev, change status and comment where needed.

Key Activities - Team Related

  •  Ensure all team members are engaged and involved in the project, performing their daily tasks in an efficient manner.
  • Ensure adequate equipment, tools and support are provided for team members, always.
  • Monitor team morale and health, raising any issues to the Discipline manager and the Department manager.
  • Be a mentor for the team, for Dev QA directly (as they report to the PM) and indirectly for all other team members.

Key Activities - Company Related

  • Ensure information regarding the company values and culture are properly propagated to the team members.
  • Actively sustain company related initiatives and implement/support them at team level.
  • Take part in process improvement meetings and participate in drafting company best practices for the department that you are part of.
  • Provide employee feedback to the Discipline managers during the evaluation process


Experience and Qualifications

  • The ability to plan, prioritize and coordinate tasks for themselves and for others to achieve the project goals.
  • Ability to control processes and activities in a result-oriented manner, in order to insure project progress.
  • Ability to work effectively to tight deadlines regardless of possible setbacks.
  • Ability to make a good and competent impression right from the first contact with a client.
  • Ability to focus on the essentials, capacity for abstraction, sound judgment and experience.
  • Ability to motivate a team to work together towards a common goal and to achieve co-operation within the team.
  • Ensures customer-oriented quality and combine various disciplines to find the best solutions.
  • Recognizes and appreciates each person’s strengths and interests, cultivating a healthy environment where feedback is openly shared and respected.

Personal Traits

  • A passion for delivering quality software
  • An overall passion for mobile games and devices
  • Ability to learn, plan and be organised
  • Open and honest approach to challenges
  • A strong sense of ownership and responsibility
  • Good communication skills in English, both verbal and written

Our Offer

  • An attractive salary along with meal tickets
  • Medical Services Package
  • Professional and friendly working environment
  • Relaxation areas with all sorts of activities


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